1. Two UFO’s dancing over Dublin, Ireland. “Un-fucking-real.”

  2. UFO falling from the sky? Who knows. Video seems authentic.

  3. Ships of Light, a documentary about the remarkable story of Tepoztlan UFO witness Carlos Diaz. I think this is actually the most convincing documentary I’ve seen to date.

    Don’t forget to watch part two here: http://vimeo.com/17219005

  4. Return of the Phoenix Lights? (November 23 2010)

  5. Fleet of orbs over Poland. Very interesting catch!

  6. A blinking violet UFO was recorded — slightly out of focus — over Boiling Air Force Base, Washington DC. Incidentally, Boiling controls most air force operations, including nuclear bombers. I’ll let the guy shooting the video do the rest of the talking :)

  7. A really weird UFO showing up on these New York EarthCam captures shot yesterday (October 18). That rod with the lights on the ends… is that the same thing that caused Chinese airports to shut down?

  8. Another fleet of dancing orbs shot over Phoenix Arizona. Judging by the movement these are obviously no balloons…

  9. Although I initially believed the 10/13 Manhattan UFO’s to be a cluster of pearlescent party balloons gone adrift, this genuine El Paso UFO sighting (one day later) indeed shows an eerie resemblance to the Manhattan phenomenon. Check out this News Channel 9 report! Glad to see mainstream media paying some attention to these incidents.

  10. Morphing UFO dispatching orbs above the Netherlands (Yikes! That’s where I live!)